What we do

Reliable Thermal Solutions


Diversified experience, consolidated knowledge. With over 30 years of experience, Epolar System has provided thermal solutions and industrial ovens to sectors ranging from the Aerospace industry to the Food Manufacturing industry.

Unique. Our knowledge gleamed from the different industries allows us to combine them in unique ways to continuously come up with new innovations and provide the best solution possible for our clients.

Modification Expertise


We have the technical capabilities to modify existing designs to meet next-generation requirements. Epolar Sytem offers the ability to integrate precise thermal processing with synergistic technologies to create solutions for you.

Achieve maximum return on your investment when you work with our team of engineers and technicians to design, construct, install and optimise your ovens to extract top-notch performance and efficiency from it.


whatwedo3We have complete control over the project’s quality and schedule, and only the highest quality workmanship and materials goes into our ovens. We can do it because Epolar System is one of the few industrial oven manufacturers that has its own manufacturing facility locally.

Assurance for you. All systems are assembled at our facility and undergo rigorous quality checks and testing prior to shipment.

We Understand Your Concerns

whatwedo4Temperature uniformity. Epolar System ovens are trusted by the largest companies to deliver on temperature uniformity to produce products with consistent quality.

Local warranty. We provide local warranty, allowing for lighting-fast response time and with an on-site repair team.

Minimal unplanned downtime. We regularly service our ovens and look for faults before they occur. Our uptime ranges between between 99.91% to 100%* for our clients.

*Based on estimated CY2017 figures. Uptime calculation excludes planned downtime where they are being shutdown for scheduled servicing or for preventive repairs.

Airflow Technology

Temperature uniformity test

Optimal uniformity is achieved when chosen airflow type and volume allows the air to reach all points in the oven smoothly. Our expertise in these area allows us to select the best airflow fans and airflow type to help you reach your production goals with your payload’s layout.

We put it to the test. Temperature uniformity checks are performed on all Epolar System ovens via a 9-point thermocouple examination before being delivered.