What we do

Reliable Thermal Solutions


Epolar System manufactures high performance ovens that provides high temperature uniformity and low temperature deviation. This ensures consistent, reliable results for your products.

With over 30 years of experience, Epolar System has provided thermal solutions and industrial ovens to sectors ranging from Aerospace to Biotechnology, and commercial ovens for restaurants, as well as the food processing and production sector.

Our knowledge gleamed from the different industries allows us to combine

them in unique ways to continuously come up with new innovations and provide the best solution possible for our clients.

Modification Expertise


We have the technical capability to modify existing designs to meet next-generation requirements. Epolar offers the ability to integrate precise thermal processing with synergistic technologies to create solutions for even the most complex systems.

Our team of highly trained engineers and technicians can design, construct, install and optimise thermal equipment to extract the best performance and efficiency from it. This allows you to achieve the maximum return on your investment.


whatwedo3Epolar is one of the few industrial oven manufacturers that has its own on-site manufacturing facility. Only the highest quality workmanship and materials goes into our ovens. This allows us to maintain complete control over the project’s quality and schedule.

All systems are assembled at our facility and undergo rigorous quality checks and testing prior to shipment. This provides assurance to our clients that the system will perform well when it is delivered.

We Understand Your Concerns

whatwedo4Epolar System is known for superior temperature uniformity which is critical to consistent product quality.

Uniformity is achieved by designing the air intake to sufficiently mix with the heating elements before entering the heating chamber, and by minimizing heat loss through the oven walls. Most importantly, we strategically place the intake and exhaust openings to provide a positive pressure differential.

Two critical factors determine temperature uniformity:

  • Airflow Type
  • Airflow Volume

Optimal uniformity is achieved when chosen airflow type allows the airflow to reach all points in the oven smoothly. Airflow volume also needs to increase as higher temperatures are desired. Our expertise in these area allows us to select the best airflow fans and airflow type to help you reach your goal in the most cost-effective.


*Temperature uniformity test

All Epolar Ovens undergo stringent temperature uniformity and performance checks before being delivered

We test our ovens using 9-point thermocouple checks to ensure uniformity. We always aim to deliver the best ovens to our clients.

Airflow Technology

In selecting a desired airflow type, the key consideration is the layout of the payload. With many years of experience, we have the expertise to select an airflow type that can minimize obstruction areas to ensure smooth airflow with maximized airflow-product contact. This allows your product to achieve the desired result every time you use the oven.