Preventive Maintenance & Servicing


High quality servicing, no matter your oven make. Regular preventive maintenance is an integral part in keeping your oven performing well. We have the engineering expertise and a technical team to service and maintain a wide range of industrial and commercial ovens – even if they’re not made by us.

Maximize cost-savings. We only use high quality replacement parts in conjunction with our technical skills for maintenance and repair services. We believe this is the only way to prevent unplanned downtime, which translates into long-term savings for you.

Oven Modification Services


Our technical expertise helps you deliver results. We have strong experience in the modification of industrial and commercial ovens in many industries. One of our recent projects include modification of our client’s current industrial oven to meet Aviation Standards, such as the latest SAE AMS 2750 Rev. E requirements.

Other common projects include modifying the internal wiring of an industrial oven, retrofitting a tracking device for thermal recording purposes, as well as improving on older oven designs to improve temperature uniformity and avoid temperature creep.

Parts Fabrication


It’s in our DNA. Working with metals and plastics is a big part of our daily business– they play an important part in the construction of Epolar System ovens. From various plastics and metals ranging from aluminium to zirconium, we can shape it.

Specified to your needs. We have an assortment of material working tools and experience that allows us to shape the raw materials into any form you desire to fit your oven’s specifications and manufacturing specifications.