Pizza Ovens

We manufacture pizza ovens for use in the commercial sector. Every pizza oven will undergo stringent quality control and checks before delivery. This ensures that the ovens you receive will perform right out of the box – your pizzas will cook evenly with minimal downtime. If there are any issues, we have a support team that provides on-site repairs and maintenance so that you can keep on baking.

We can customise. Whether you require certain dimensions to fit in limited spaces, or you need super-sized pizza ovens for large scale production, or you have extra-high temperature requirements, let us know. Our technical engineering team will be able to design one for you cost-effectively.

Pizza Deck Convection Ovens

Why it works. Convection ovens usually transfer heat via actively circulated hot air. Traditional ovens have a heating element at the bottom and radiating surfaces on the sides – this means the heat will be most intense at the bottom, leading to excessive cooking of the underside before other area are cooked.

Perfectly cooked. Convection ovens are designed to be very efficient at cooking food evenly, it cooks the food by blowing heated air uniformly over the surface of the food. Home convection ovens are usually made by simply bolting a fan and heater unit to the back of traditional ovens. It may have multiple “hot spots” leading to uneven cooking, which may still be fine for home use.

In commercial pizza convection ovens, multiple fans and variable speeds are usually employed to ensure uniform heating, and for the oven to suit a wider range of cooking application.

Epolar Pizza Convection Ovens are constructed to have no hot spots, with tight temperature tolerance between different area of the oven. They do an excellent job of melting the cheese and cooking the pizza toppings. Combined with a pre-heated pizza stone, it does a tremendous job of browning the pizza’s crust and give you high quality pizzas consistently.

How we do it. We make single to multi-deck ovens, each deck has the capacity to hold anywhere from 6 x 10” pizzas to 18 x 10” pizzas. They may be stacked atop each other to maximise your production capacity. Customised options are always available upon request.

Pizza Conveyor Ovens

The main advantages of a pizza conveyor oven is that it does not require a lot of effort to operate. Restaurateurs can set the time and temperature requirements, and let the automation process produce consistent and reliable bake results – providing standardization of taste and appearance.

It’s simple. Operators can simply load the food product at one end of the conveyor oven and perform other tasks as it travels through the conveyor.

Cost Savings. Many restaurants continue to face the challenges of high turnover rate in the kitchen staff area. Since conveyor ovens do not require much tending or highly-skilled staff, you can save on training cost, labour cost and the cost of usage error.

Epolar pizza conveyor ovens operate via forced air impingement mechanism. Forced air impingement is most commonly used as it can cooking time by about 20% compared to normal ovens. The hot air streams remove the barrier of cool air that surrounds the pizzas, resulting in more consistent and rapid cooking. This also reduces energy use, which lowers your operating cost at the same time.

How we do it. Usual pizza conveyor ovens are made in sizes ranging from 18” to 32” in belt width, and has production capacity of about 25 x 10” pizzas/hour to 100 x 10” pizzas/hour respectively. Customized options are always available.