Over 30 years of innovation

Thermal Technology

Epolar System has been specializing in thermal
solutions for over 30 years. We have built upon
our expertise to provide the best heating
technology to be delivered through our
industrial and commercial ovens in a
cost-effective manner. We have helped many
industrial corporations as well as F&B clients to
reach their production goals.


Our innovations are inspired by our
customers during the design-and-engineering
collaboration phase. We learn how to utilize
our technologies to best fit our customers’
needs and provide them with a unique
competitive advantage.

We Understand Your Concern

Our goal is to help you maximise uptime
and keep your productivity at its maximum
level – we achieve this through using only
the highest quality material and
workmanship, combined with rigorous
testing for temperature performance and
uniformity before delivery. If you need
support, we always have a technical team
ready to help you through your problem

Our Track Record

Epolar System is a subsidiary of Epolar Group and is headquartered in Singapore. We have been specializing in thermal solutions and providing industrial and commercial ovens for over 30 years. We are continuously using our technical expertise to provide innovative solutions to critical applications in industries ranging from aerospace, biotechnology to food processing and restaurants sectors.

We have served clients in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, and we have strong network in the area.

We continuously innovate by drawing inspirations from our customers during the design-and-engineering collaboration phase. Also, through working with a diverse range of industries, we learn how to consolidate our knowledge and utilize our technologies to fit our clients’ needs – helping them save cost and achieve maximum production rates with superior reliability.

Epolar Sytem customizes any oven to your specifications. Top-notch Industrial & Commercial Ovens to Meet Your Needs

  • Price
  • Accessibility
  • Temperature Requirements
  • Usage Requirements
  • Size & Capacity
  • Versatility

We are dedicated to providing the best thermal solutions possible. This focused commitment has allowed Epolar to become the leading thermal equipment provider in many rapidly expanding industries and commercial sectors.